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Agile Software Development

Why start from scratch? We use WordPress software that exists already and customize it to your brand, creating a viable integrated system for your team to automate your business operations, collect payments and scale.

Quick And Affordable To Help You Grow

Get it out there. Stop waiting for engineers and start creating high tech customer experiences.

1 week

Our project manager will plan out in detail all the required functionalities and match it up with existing software.

11-2 weeks

We will create content and a landing page to sell your product, include subscription and call to action options.

1-3 weeks

We will integrate software according to your specified needs, then customize as needed.

1-2 weeks

Our team will run all functionalities to make sure everything is working smoothly. We will also present to you to work together on edits.

Total: 4-7 weeks+ Later…

In as little as 4 weeks, we can launch your product together! Our team will help for a month afterwards. Then hourly or monthly packages will be made available for continued support.

Case Studies

Software Option Comparisons

Paper Pre-made Software Our WordPress Solution Custom Software
Setup 1 week 1 week 2 weeks 6 months
Cost Employee hours, raw materials: ~$2000/mo ($24,000/year) Monthly fees: $99-499/mo ($1,188-$5,988/year) One time fee: $1999-$9999  One time fee: 


Payment Processing Manual entry, standard machine: ~2.3% Typical processor: >2.9% + $0.30 1.6%-2.7% (dependent on sales volume) Flexible
Time 10-20 hours/week 5 hours/week 5 hours/week 5 hours/week
Customization N/A Not possible Most solutions possible Possible
Support N/A Restricted to company Different support ticket options available Each engineer’s discretion

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