Alyeska Nordic Spa Map

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Alyeska Nordic Spa is an exciting new spa sanctuary coming to Alaska. In preparation of the spas completion, we have been approached to overlook their website development. We are excited to show off their website once it is complete and launched, but in the meantime we wanted to show a teaser of the amazing hydrotherapy circuit the spa will house. This map is a highlight feature of the website and will be interactive so that guests can see all of the amenities the facility has to offer.

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Alyeska Nordic Spa


Alyeska Resort Sales Kits

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Alyeska Resort is Alaska’s premier year-round destination featuring the 300-room Hotel Alyeska. The hotel has been the base camp for an endless number of summer and winter adventures as well as a popular destination for special events and conferences.
As such, Alyeska Resort approached us in need of a redesign for their Sales Kit and Wedding Sales Kit. We chose to design a kit that would highlight the many attractions of the scenic Alaska in order to best showcase their splendid features.

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Alyeska Resort


Coryliss Orthodontist Photo Backdrop

We often get the question- Can you do [insert special request here] and 90% of the time, it’s yes! No matter what design, development or marketing needs you have, we got you! Cory Liss Orthodontist now has this cool backdrop for patients to take a photo to show off their pearly whites, custom made for their brand.

Coco Brooks Large Format Signage

JYZ Design logo branding graphic web print calgary cocobrooks signage

A well established and beloved local brand, Coco Brooks required an update on some of their graphics materials to be more modern, easy to read and attractive yet retain their professionalism and recognizable branding. We created these attractive, attention grabbing signage meant to communicate a service quickly in a fast paced storefront environment.